The Women Healing Women weekend returned me to me. I feel radiant and confident in my female body.
— K.C. Phoenix, AZ

My Offerings

Cheryl can speak or lead a workshop on the following topics. Topics can be customized to an audience or private client. 

  • Why “NO” is a Highly Spiritual Word

  • Claiming Your Sexual Radiance Matters

  • Why Pleasure is Necessary

  • Suburban Chicago Housewife to Sedona Sexual Healer

  • Creating Inner Safety with Optimal Self-Expression

  • You are a Goddess Even When You are Not

  • When Lovers Attack: How to Stop Fighting and Get Back to Sex

Cheryl’s meditation music recordings are available at 

She can be booked as her live flute and guitar duo, Bedouin Update. Contact Cheryl for bookings.  

Kelley Alexander, Director of the Sanctuary at Sedona, speaks passionately on the value of sexual healing. She shares her recent insights after attending Women Healing Women: Reclaiming Our Sexual Radiance workshop in Sedona, Arizona.